Island Escape Sangria

Is there anything better in the summer than enjoying a nice chilled glass of sangria…you know, other than enjoying the wine-soaked fruit at brunch the next morning! ūüėȬ† Sangria is playful, classic, and oh so pretty!¬† It begs to be savored among friends over conversations of fabulous summer travel plans and exotic sandy beaches.¬† How […]

Indian Summer Cocktail

I love trying out new cocktails – especially ones that match the season.¬† A friend of mine hosted a brunch this weekend (did you see my tots?!), which gave me the perfect excuse to make a nice, light summer punch.¬† Yes, I know it’s not technically summer yet, but have you been to Tucson at […]

Taylor Tots

Late last year I was looking for a new appetizer recipe for a party we were having.¬† I found one for bacon-wrapped tater tots (insert drool here).¬† It was obviously an instant must try, and perhaps just as obvious was the fact that I had to “Taylor” it¬†with a few special touches of my own.¬† […]

Chicken, Avocado, and Spinach Salad

Last night was gym night, which meant we wanted an extra healthful dinner – you know, so we didn’t undo all the hard work we just put in!¬† What came out of the kitchen was a delightful mix of fresh, colorful veggies, lean protein, herbs, citrus, and “good” fats.¬† And after leaving all my energy […]

Tequila-marinated Chicken Fajitas

Last weekend I managed to not over-schedule our Sunday, which meant that my evening was free to make another tasty meal.¬† Mike’s vote was fajitas so I went to work finding the perfect inspiration.¬† As soon as I found a recipe that called for tequila, I knew we had a winner!¬† The following recipe started […]