• Chicken, Avocado, and Spinach Salad
    Last night was gym night, which meant we wanted an extra healthful dinner – you know, so we didn’t undo all the hard work we just put in!  What came out of the kitchen was a delightful mix of fresh, colorful veggies, lean protein, herbs, citrus, and “good” fats.  And after leaving all my energy at the gym, it
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  • Almond and Panko-crusted Chicken Breast
    Another Sunday dinner!  We splurged quite a bit yesterday at a potluck and then a little bit more at the movies (hello, hot buttered popcorn and Reese’s Pieces!)  So the goal tonight was to make a tasty, but healthful dinner.  It was a total bonus that the meal was also easy to put together with ingredients I already had in the
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  • Tequila-marinated Chicken Fajitas
    Last weekend I managed to not over-schedule our Sunday, which meant that my evening was free to make another tasty meal.  Mike’s vote was fajitas so I went to work finding the perfect inspiration.  As soon as I found a recipe that called for tequila, I knew we had a winner!  The following recipe started with inspiration from a
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  • Tater-iffic Breakfast Casserole for Two
    This breakfast casserole has become my go-to recipe when I want a tasty, filling start to my day.  And of course I frequently make a larger version when we’re hosting brunch or houseguests.  I really love how versatile this recipe is – I can swap out the meats, cheeses, and seasonings to suit my mood (or to use up
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