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Allow me to introduce myself – I’m Taylor, I like animals and long walks on the beach….oh wait, wrong profile. Hehe. I LOVE to cook, bake, and entertain for friends and family for two reasons: 1) I LOOOOOOVE food!! 2) I am a people-pleaser. I get my joy and warm, fuzzy feelings by making others feel loved and taken care of. What better way to do that than with a delicious, home-cooked meal?! Besides cooking, I do have a few other life loves: my husband (Mike), our son (“G”), our cat, our dog, quality time with friends and family, traveling, reading, cheese, dark chocolate, and wine.

My inspiration

I am by no means a professional chef, but I’ve enjoyed many years of watching my dad and two grandmas work their magic in the kitchen. Watching my dad gave me an appreciation of the fine art of technique. He’s the guy who makes his own gluten-free cornbread for cornbread stuffing to accommodate his guests at Thanksgiving. His mom, “Gramma Ta”, passed on her love of baking; next to my memories of baking side by side with her in a flour-dusted apron, her trusty flour sifter and worn recipe box are two of my most prized kitchen accessories. Finally, it was my other grandma who showed me that recipes are merely a suggestion. I remember the first time I asked her for her chili recipe. Her response? “Sure, write this down,” proceeded by a series of “sometimes I do this…”, “but if I don’t have that on hand then…”, and “you could try this…” She may not rely on recipes, but I can always rely on her to serve up nothing but warmth, comfort, and a good dose of humor (usually the dirty kind!)

My path

Sometime in college, I caught the kitchen fever and managed to feed myself through a few less creative detours involving accounting, auditing, data analytics and benchmarking, and project management. I also picked up an MBA with a focus on Entrepreneurship – my first steps toward making a different kind of dough in the kitchen. 😉

In the last year I changed my title once again, this time to Stay at Home Mom, while I work on nurturing my greatest creation of all: my son [insert sappy awwww here]. With encouragement from my amazing husband and efficient use of G’s preschool and nap schedules, here we are: my first attempt at turning my passion into something bigger.

So please visit, cook, eat, and enjoy.

Delicious wishes!

~ Taylor

Culinary Creator and Food Blogger

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